Decisions Decisions Decisions LVN to RN

  1. Decisions Decisions Decisions
    I can't make up my mind to continue with the Collage Network or go to West Coast University!!!
    I have been a LVN for 3 years and was a Medical Assistant and X-ray tech for 15 years Now I'm faced with the choice of back to the class room and get the dream job I always wanted or just be happy where I am at. But I am scared to death of all the changes and with Obama care and MAGNA status that in 5 years I won't even have a job. I have one class down with Collage network and absolutely hate online learning no instruction no one to really ask a question to academic support is not what I thought it would be
    And then there is West Coast University it looks so appealing but so costly! I have the time to go and could most likely pay for it. But I think I have lost the drive to go back and be a fulltime student!
    So is it really worth it once you reach RN?
    Is the pay any better the stress any less?
    Don't get me wrong I love being a nurse and can't imagine doing anything else just really three more years of my life in school and all the debit is it really worth it?
    ANY advice would be helpful !!!!!!!!!!!!
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  3. by   libran1984
    Yes!!!!!! That RN is such a pay off. Most places will take into consideration LPN as half of your RN experience. So if you were an LPN for say 10 years you get 5 years of RN experience credited to you.

    My hospital pays LPNs 14.35/hr. shift diff of 2.50 after 2:30pm and no night differential, and no weekend option contracts.

    RNs start off (without experience) at $22.50). Shift diff of 3.75 after 2:30pm with $4.75 night differentials.

    In addition, the RNs seem to get bonuses on their checks that are not shared across the patient care teams. 6 months ago all RN staff got $400 extra just for being an RN. Psht. I do way more work as an LPN than most of the RNs.

    In corrections, the LPN was making $18.50/hr. the RN who did the same job down to the T made $32.25/hr

    The financial pay off is soooo worth it
  4. by   libran1984
    Oh and you also won't have ignorant people questioning your scope of practice anymore. I'm ready stab people's eyes out over what they want to consider "an assessment" vs data collection.

    I cannot express my frustration to the full extent because there is no curse strong enough to relate the heartache and anger I feel towards the ignorance of many elitist RN attitudes.

    I have very seriously been told LPN school does not offer enough time or challenge to develop proper critical thinking skills. This particular BSN RN also said the same for her ASN counterparts but said through the work and responsibility they have it will often come in time.

    So even after you reach an ASN, continue with that BSN because Magnet hospitals won't want you and other RNs will still continue to think less of you because while you may possess multiple degrees you don't have the RIGHT degree.

    Other ppl tell you to let it roll off your back because only you can decide how you you feel about the situation. Yet, I don't know how to keep a tough skin about when I'm constantly soaked in it. I work a regular 52 hours/ week just to make money comparable to an RN working 36 and am the slave or whipping boy for their smallest inconvenience. It is the non-RN who must transport the patient, clean the room, stock the room, wear the walkie talkie to to be at the disposal of 26 other RNs who never let you be.

    Omg... Obviously I have some issues that are incapable of getting fixed until I'm an RN. It is so frustrating to go do a septic work up alone on someone because the RN is looking at vacation spots on the computer. I've not been on a vacation in 20 years. I won't be done with the BSN until I'm 33 by my estimate and my ASN by the time I'm 30.
  5. by   TheCommuter
    West Coast University is staggeringly expensive, like in the $132,000 range for tuition. A good rule of thumb is to never borrow more student loan funds than you can reasonably earn during your first year as an RN.
  6. by   Calipsychnurse
    I almost signed with West Coast too! But your right, WAY TOO expensive. What state are u in? There are cheaper schools out there. Maybe we can help you find one?