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I have been trying to research this school and can't find many people willing to talk about it. Does anyone have any input? I am looking at the oncampus lpn-rn program. according to their website, you can still apply for fall... Read More

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    Mainly, I would not do the program again because of the price. $520 a credit hour is ridiculous, but they are a for profit college. The classes haven't been too horrible so far. The most difficult one I've had so far is the stats class. I had to put in a tremendous amount of hours into that. I was going to drop it, but I didn't realize you only have 3 days to drop a class or you lose 50% of the tuition. I tried to drop it on the 4th day and they wouldn't budge. My friend dropped it anyway and lost $1000. I ended up with an A, but it was very difficult for me.

    I'm also taking the econ class at my local campus. I viewed the syllabus for Chamberlain/Devry's econ class and it looked like a crazy amt of work. I didn't have to take the history class, becaue I had it at another college. My friends took it, said it was a pain, but they both ended up with A's.

    You can email me with any other questions or after you start if you need any help.

    Good luck!

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    Although the online platform certainly negates any problems that might occur if one were attending a school onsite, a distance venue can have issues itself that are unique. I am not convinced that the issues that I experienced have as much to do with learning platform as they do with the organization itself.

    Some of the issues that I encountered include:

    1. Quality of instruction from CCN. I had a very small handful of instructors (one certainly, maybe two) that were interactive, involved and knowledgable. The rest were more like moderators of a blog yet held the power to sink you with grades. Although the expectations for participation and grading are the same throughout the program for each course, the actual expectations of each instructor vary greatly and with the abbreviated semester terms, you had best figure these expectations out very quickly, like after the first week or risk grades that you may not be happy with. I had one particular instructor twice, unfortunately, that I could only describe as incompetent. It was very unfortunate.

    The instructors that I encountered from the DeVry end were very challenging but obviously experts in their field that were committed to education. I wish the same would have been true for CCN.

    2. While I attended CCN, the online platform changed once as did the email accounts (several times). Nothing was streamlined or easy to negotiate and just about the time I thought I had it figured out, it would change. Hopefully all of this will have been worked out for your scheduled start.

    3. My advisor was helpful, at least as much as she could be with the issues I gave to her and I did not have any aggressiveness to deal with. Are you referring to the recruiter maybe? I would be very leary of dedication significant time and money to any institution if I didn't feel comfortable with my primary contact.

    I am a very laid back and patient person but my CCN experience tested my limits. I am just relieved not to have to deal with them any more. I think that's sad. I do wish you the best of luck and hope that your experience is vastly different than mine. Given the pervasiveness and scope of issues that I encountered, I cannot say that I feel very hopeful.
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    I have heard that it's a good school. They just opened up a campus in Columbus, Oh to do the "hybrid" thing where you go online but also at a campus. I have a friend who is in the program. Aside from the outrageous price for tuition, she's loving it and can't wait to finish so that she can be a nurse instead of an MA/Registration Rep. I would go, but I don't have that kind of money and don't want to take out those private loans.
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    I am a fairly new member here and after 16-17 years of being an RN, I am looking at rn to bsn online programs... looking at chamberlain hard because of the short amount of time, but I invite opinions of the community from their personal experiences...
    Thank You in advance....
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    Quote from CaptGaston
    I am a fairly new member here and after 16-17 years of being an RN, I am looking at rn to bsn online programs... looking at chamberlain hard because of the short amount of time, but I invite opinions of the community from their personal experiences...
    Thank You in advance....
    See my posting above, if you have any specific questions, you can send me a private message. I'm currently in my 6th class through Chamberlain.

    Good luck!
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    I will finish my BSN with Chamberlain the end of February 09. I looked long and hard at many programs and am glad I chose Chamberlain. None of them are cheap but I feel CCN was worth the money. I had an overall good experience. My admissions rep was less than up front but I believe it was out of ignorance rather than deceit. Be sure you ask every question you can think of and get your answers in writing. There are no clinicals involved with this program so I definitely would not recommend it for anyone who has been a nurse less than 5 years, minimum. This would definitely lead to a knowledge gap. My instructors were generally very engaged with the students, except one at CNN. The one and only class I took through DeVry was a joke. The instructor was all about herself and the discussion threads were nothing but free-for-alls. The format was very difficult to navigate, as opposed to CCN's which is very user-friendly even for a computer illit like me. The work load is taxing but not overwhelming. Good luck, whichever route you take!
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    Dogbreath, I fininsh in Feb. also!!! I agree with your points regarding the school and I too was less than enthused with my devry instructor, but the class was a manadory diversity class. I do have one more devry classs and that is the economics just because I need thirty credits from them or I would have clepped it. Good luck and congrats!!

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