Barry University lpn-bsn program

  1. Good evening everyone... just wondering if anyone on allnurses has attended Barry U for the lpn to bsn track or even the entry-level track, feedback would be nice. What was your schedule like? Tuition? Clinical sites/hours? I plan to visit them soon but I just thought it would be good to hear from alum or currents.. thanks in advance
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  3. by   NurseStephRN
    I went to Barry for my BSN, but I don't know anything about the LPN-BSN program.
    The schedule for the BSN program was a little rigorous the first two semesters, but after that it got much easier. Tuition is ridiculous, but I have found it to be totally worth it. Last I heard (last week from a friend who is taking nursing prereqs and is researching schools) Barry University has the highest NCLEX passing rate down here. The clinical sites weren't bad. They tried to assign them according to where we live. For example, they'd hand out a sheet with the sites and they would be: Imperial Point (Pompano Beach), Broward General (Ft. Lauderdale), Baptist (Kendall). Like that, those of us who live up north have a clinical site near us, as well as those who lived way south in Miami. We would go about twice a week for an 8 hr shift and were expected to be there around 6:15 am, like that we could have a pre-conference and be on the unit by the time shift change began. after our clinical we would have a post conference and we would talk about our day and present any projects we had. I know a lot of the professors I had while I was there aren't there anymore, so I can't give you advice about that!
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    Thanks so much for posting!
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    did you ever apply or get accepted into the lpn to bsn program? if so what do you think of the program? i'm currently starting lpn school and i'm thinking about relocating to flordia if i find a good school
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    so has anyone done the lpn to bsn program at Barry? Im looking to apply and just wondering what it is like