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Azusa Pacific University LVN to BSN Program

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    I was just wondering how difficult it would be to get into the Azusa Pacific University LVN to BSN program. I recently graduated in December and have passed my NCLEX and recently saw this program online. Is it as difficult to get into as a regular nursing school, or even more difficult? Any information regarding this program would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    i'd like to know the answer to this question as well
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    I don't know. But, I'll offer a guess . . . APU is a private school, quite expensive . . . so it won't be as difficult as the bridge programs at the public schools.
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    Im also looking into applying at Azusa Pacific University LVN to BSN program and would like to know the same answer.?
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    Is this program offered online or on campus?
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    From what I understand they accept applicants on a rolling basis and then when they have enough people to fill a cohort you have to take one bridge class and then the LVN-RN classes start.

    I thought of getting my LVN in case I didn't get directly into their Entry-Level Masters program, but when I went in for my interview I was advised against going this route since I wasn't already an LVN. I wasn't outright told this but it was implied that it would almost be wasteful to spend my 13 months on an LVN when I could just be applying to various RN programs in that time.

    Call the school they are much easier to get info from over the phone than by emailing.