Anybody taking classes online @ Galen?

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    Trying to decided if taking online classes at galen is right for me? Ive taken previous classes like nutrition and sociology online and really loved it! So im debating on taking Ap 1 and math with galen? Has anyone taking classes or have any feedback? Any information would be helpful. :heartbeat

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    I'm also considering Galen's online classes for my bridge from LPN to RN. Did you have any luck gathering any information from people who are currently doing the online?
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    I started the bridge program on Nov 7th and originally I had ap1 online and the computers for nurses online but within the first week I couldnt handle the online ap so I switched back to the ground class and Im glad I did!!! The computer class is ok just alot of busy work!
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    Yes, I did my LPN at Galen and now am in the RN program 3rd quarter, I have taken AP2 and PSY online. I have enjoyed their online classes, I have done both online and on ground classes and feel I get just as much out of the online as I do the on ground. But you must be motivated and dedicated in order to succeed. I will defiantly take more online classes in the future.
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    About how much time did the online classes take? I start February 6th. Also, is there anything you can share about your experiences?
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    I'm in my 3rd quarter of the RN program and taking online and ground classes. Last quarter I took math online and this quarter I'm in the online Pharm class. I personally love it. For me it's easier to concentrate and I feel like I learn easier in this environment. The online classes take as much time, if not more, than the ground classes. You are required to participate in discussion forums in addition to learning the material.
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    How are you all doing now at Galen? I have been working as a LPN for the past year and now that Galen has the evening/online hybrid bridge program and applied. I should hear tomorrow if I can start in January 2013. That way I can keep my current job and get my ADN.
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    Well I got in so I guess I will be able to let everyone know how the online/evening hybrid program is at Galen
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    Hi! Can you give me a general idea of how the application process went? How long before you know if youve been accepted?
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    Quote from trishbenj24
    Hi! Can you give me a general idea of how the application process went? How long before you know if youve been accepted?
    Wow that was so long ago I don't really remember. It was fairly quick. I think they told me when there were spots open before I went in. The first time I inquired they were full the upcoming quarter so I waited. Then I got a different job and waited longer due to my schedule. Then when I heard about the online bridge programs jumped on it. Now I think that I am the 3rd class that will complete the online bridge program. I toured, set up a date for my entrance exam then met that same day with financial aid. You will want to do your fafsa beforehand. Make sure to have all transcripts and everything they said they will need and they will have it all done for you when you come in. If you score high enough on the PAX then they will most likely offer you a spot. Good luck.

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