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Why do nursing instructors feel the need to be so intimidating and humiliating? I am really struggling with this in my nursing class. Is there a good reason for this that I am just not getting yet? I was in a BSN program... Read More

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    During the interview process for my LPN program, a question was posed to each prospective student that we were not expecting. It was, "who is responsible for your education, instructor or student? Rate it by percentage." Many of us said 50/50, a few said students 80%, instructor 20%. The correct answer, we were told afterward, was student 100%, instructor 0%.

    Sound shocking? Yep. Sorry kids, the fun is over. You can't enter nursing school with that kind of entitled attitude. Sometimes the instructors are mean. Sometimes they are rude. Sometimes they can make you feel embarrassed and stupid.

    The nastier, the meaner and the more dreadful an instructor is, the better nurse you will be. It's one of the greatest life lessons you will learn: That people can suck, and you still have to learn to do your job and survive day to day. Looking for pity, puffing up your indignant chest and seeking sympathetic pats on the back doesn't make you a better student, nurse or person. Putting your head down, working through the awkwardness and learning to live with the pressure is invaluable.

    Take it for what it is -- a barrier to be overcome. As a nurse, you will face plenty of desperate, frustrating situations. Consider it a crash course.

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