who attends ATS Institute of Technology

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    Anyone going to ATS for their PN diploma from Chicago?

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    I just started at ATS this semester. I'm sure there are more of us here, too. How far along are you in the program ?
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    Third semester. Hard ass hell
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    One of my coworkers attend and I get mixed reviews can either of u pm Me so we can talk
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    I also attend ATS ..starting my 3rd semester next week
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    Hi, Tatianna I am starting the lpn program in September and I was wondering if can tell me the pros & cons about this program. How long is the program?
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    The program is either 12 or 16 months depending on your placement exam results and any transferring credits that may cover the pre reqs. Type in ATS and you will get all reviews from both the Chicago and Ohio campus. Definitely do your research and check other schools out as well.
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    I am interested in applying to ATS and starting this September can you give me any feedback good or bad on this school?
    Melissa C
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    I was thinking of applying and attending ATS starting September 2014 and I was wondering if you could give me any insight as to what to expect????

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