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Greetings Friends- I just wanted to know who my classmates at Rockland Boces will be in Sept 2010. I am very excited to start the program and I would like to make a few friends before we start. Btw I am Greg and I will be... Read More

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    I totally forgot the pages she said we should look over before class starts... was it the anatomy and physiology section?

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    uhhh I forgot she even said to read, but now that you bring it up... yeah I think it was the A&P section. Have you taken A&P in school yet?
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    how was the course? where did you get the scrubs for the program and do you have any advice?
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    The full time program is very fast paced. We have 2 exams a week and are usually very far ahead in lecture material before we take an exam. For example, yesterday we took an exam on material we learned a few weeks ago because our instructors have been flying through the material and can only give us 2 tests a week. You have to devote time to it if you want to succeed, we've had about 15 people fail out since we began in September and usually lose at least one if not more everytime we finish a section.

    The clinical uniform has to be purchased through the school. The uniform company comes in October and measures you for your uniform and you should receive it a week or so later. I think the average cost is somewhere between $65-$100 depending on what you get. I personally paid about $68 for the scrub pants, top, and apron.
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    Thanks Stephanie...when will you be finished?
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    June if all goes as planned lol
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    I was supposed to be in your class but couldnt make it...I interview tomorrow for this coming class. Sorry to bother you how awful is the uniform and where did you do your clinicals?
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    The uniforms are terrible. They're not normal scrubs, there's white pants and a white zip up top with a collar. Then there's a blue smock/apron you have to wear and its awful. Clinicals are at a county run nursing home, Good Samaritan hospital, Helen Hayes hospital, and a school for disabled children.
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    Question for ya....I attend the Northern/Westchester Boces. I too hope to graduate this June. What will you guys be wearing for graduation? Here they wanted us to be uniformed with the same white nursing dress, but unfortunately the company they were using went out of business and the Administrator is searching for another uniform company. What company does your school use for uniforms?

    Thanks in advance.

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