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Which LVN schools in Austin, Tx?

  1. 0 I will be moving to Austin, Tx soon and doesn't seem to find a school offering an LVN program. Are there any in Austin? In the suburbs, may be? What are the pre-requisites? entrance tests? Is there one easy to get into? I will go to San Antonio if necessary, but would prefer not to.
    I would also consider 1-year nursing program for which I qualify; I am currently CNA.
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    Hello and welcome to the family of allnurses. Enjoy your stay and good luck!
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    Austin Community College has an LVN program. Temple Jnr. College has one as well..... Temple is about 45 minutes north of Austin...
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    do you know if Austin's LVN program can be done in the evenings and weekends and how long it is?
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    ACC's LVN program is currently only a day program and it is 15 months long.