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I am finally starting my NS journey in a PN program! I start my journey January 7, 2013. I know that this next year will be challenging, but I am ready to tackle any obstacles head on. My orientation isn't until Jan 4th, so I... Read More

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    What are care plans?

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    A care plan is your plan of care for he patient. What you know about the patient, what you plan on doing with the patient, and your expected outcome of your actions.
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    My advice is to be on your A game! Read before class, participate in discussions, and look happy to be there. My experience showed many instructors "labeling" students and those they thought weren't serious, they really gave it to them. Not to scare you or anything. But, I think it was a hard semester but def. doable. I pulled of a 3.77 GPA my first semester and I attribute that to doing the above, and keeping a small but tight circle of fellow classmates who were just as serious about school as me. Good Luck, you will do great, just keep your eyes on the prize and try not to associate to much with the people who will try to bring you down.
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    I would like to thank everyone for their input and support. Orientation is right around the corner, and I am getting extremely nervous! Once again THANKS! Enjoy your break, rest up and have a Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year!
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    My first semester was hectic and highly stressful. Although I ended up with an A in Pharm and a B in Funds, I found that nursing classes are something out of this world. Nothing could have prepared me for my first semester of nursing school. Now with that said, I have met some fabulous classmates that made the entire experience that much more rewarding. I look forward to going back this month to start my second semester and I feel better prepared and less stressed.
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    My first semester (last semester) was amazing.

    It was hard. It was intense, it was rewarding. I found that with high organizational skills and dedication to reading the material before class, I was able to pick up on the smaller details that the instructors like to throw out in class and then test on later.

    Working with two of my classmates, we set up a study group that really helped us as well.

    Organize, have a tidy desk, and read, read, READ. If your instructor tapes his/her lectures, watch them again, or ask if you can tape them for later review. And one thing I found for my program: if your instructor gives you a study guide for a test, use it! Many times, they are tailored for that exam.

    And a calendar is going to be your best friend!

    Good luck, work hard, and have faith.
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    I really enjoyed reading everyone's input, about the nursing program. This is a goal, of which I have been trying to accomplish for over 30 years, and finally I have been given the opportunity to do so, at this time and age..but as many of you have said, grab on to faith, study, study, read, read, take notes and hang with the positive and serious is what i will be taking out of this posting, and of course, try to squeeze some me time. Thanks guys, and good luck to all on your Nursing journey!!!!
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