what to do???

  1. hello everyone!!! I'm thinking about going to school for the Lpn program, but I have A LOT of fears that basically CONTROL what I do, how I think, my self confidence in myself...I really want to do it but its the TEAS test that scare the crap out of me because my math is not that good (it's actually not good at all) I've been out of school for about 5 years now and I completely forgot everything. they gave us practice sheet and I've been looking on YouTube videos on how to do the work. taking the TEAS test is the only thing stoping me because I let my fears control me COMPLETELY....but I would really like to get into nursing and eventually go up the latter and be able to provide for my family in the future and have them proud of me....did anyone ever go through what I'm going through?
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  3. by   Philly_LPN_Girl
    I was never a big math person either. I bought the Teas book from the ati website as well as the mcgraw hill 5 teas practice test book and they helped me out a lot especially in the math department.
  4. by   pookyp
    Another math hater here. I bought the ATI book and went to khan academy's site for help.
  5. by   Tim92
    If anyone understand your fears, it's me! I hate math and even science, but I really wanted to be a nurse. In reality, the only thing you can do is stay positive, study and understand as much material as possible. It sucks and isn't easy; I though about giving up several times. The best advise I can give is to study and whenever you understand something, reward yourself. Tell yourself what a great job you're doing. Cook yourself your favorite dinner, watch your favorite TV show or movie. Just stay positive and be proud of the information you are learning. No matter how little or much, or how long it takes, what is important is you ARE learning it. Good luck! (;