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Hello everyone! I'm currently going through LPN school. Monday-Thursday! I just started on August 27th and I'm already ready for a break! Are there other people that use exercise as a great stress reliever?... Read More

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    Way to GO on the half marathon!!!
    I'm entering finals next week...9/17. I too am in a LVN program M-Th, I try to go walking 5 evenings a week/30 minutes with my husband but I've felt so tired lately from studying and being stressed out, I haven't been sticking to it. I know if I did just make a bigger effort, it would help!! Not only for me physically but mentally/spritually too!! Just reading this thread encourages me to make a better effort tonight!!

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    This is awesome advice I've been off the exercise circuit since last year. With this thread maybe this week I'll get back into the swing I things.
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    I am a runner too, and have my third half coming up in LV! I was benched for abit, but starting my training officially tomorrow! Running is a great stress relief for me, and keeps me sane. It is also much cheaper than therapy! LOL!

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    If anyone wants to connect on facebook check me out I try to keep daily motivational tips and everything related to health/fitness it keeps me sane during this semester of school
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    I just liked yr page you're very inspirational! The world needs more ppl like you in it!
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    Quesera cera: what time of the day do you run? I started running a few months ago but it has been so hot and I just can't seem to wake up super early. What's your strategy for making the time to exercise?
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    I'm in LPN school M-Th with clinicals every other weekend. It is difficult to keep fit with such a busy schedule. I walk at the beach at sunrise M-F. But if I can't get there, I ride my stationary bike at home

    Good luck everyone!

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