Starting class Monday!

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    Starting my LVN program on Monday! Nervous and excited. I worked as a CNA for a bit, so I'm hoping that will help out some. (At least as far as comfort level in dealing with patients.) Any advice for this newbie?

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    I'm starting class Monday, too. What school do you go to?
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    Vernon College in Wichita Falls, TX. You?
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    Concorde Career College in North Hollywood, CA. I'm so eager to start and anxious! I know I'm making the right choice. Are you looking into the LVN to RN bridge program, too? My ultimate goal is to be an RN. I've signed up for LVN as a stepping stone. I want to work in the medical field already. lol
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    I plan to continue on to RN as well. I'm doing the LVN program because we are military, and will only be here long enough for me to finish a one year program. I will have to start looking for bridge programs once I find out where we are going next. I'm with you, though. I'm ready to work!
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    Good morning! I'm so glad you have picked nursing to go into! Quick background on me- I fell into nursing after getting a degree in social science, got my LPN and then went back for my RN, so I've been through the ringer. My best advice to you is attend EVERY class religiously, ask questions, and NETWORK. I have met some of the best friends in my life in nursing school and they are invaluable later in life. Find someone, either online or in person, who has experience and that you can trust- and ASK QUESTIONS. You cannot guess in nursing, someone could get hurt. :-)
    I am very glad that I became an LPN first, then RN- it has increased my experience and knowledge base tremendously. Being a CNA also will definitely help you out. If you have any questions feel free to send me a private message! :-) GOOD LUCK and ENJOY IT!
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    Hi NurseGuyBri! Thanks for the advice! . I am so excited to finally start. Between having children and following my husband around every couple of years, this is the first chance I've had to do what want. I definitely plan to give it my all. . I'll let you know how I'm feeling after the first day though. Lol
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    Please do! The beginning is always harder because of all the new things floating around- I'll tell you though, the reward when I received my license was worth every second!
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    Well, I have survived the first two days. Lol. A LOT of information, but I feel like I've got a handle on it all. I've gotten all of the syllabi, outlines, quiz schedules, etc organized and loaded into my calendar. I'm current or ahead on all the reading. (yes, I know that's not saying much as it is only the end of the second day). My biggest fear is forgetting something bc of the volume of information we've been given. Hoping my little color coordinated calendar will help with that. I'm pretty excited and ready to do this!!
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    Good luck, you sound like you have a good head on your shoulders, you can do this. Just make sure to stay ahead of your reading, lectures tend to give a lot of information and if you forgot to preread you may find yourself feeling a bit overwhelmed.

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