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My name is Lori. I just passed the LPN entrance exam . :hatparty: And have been accepted into the program. 30 out of 150 applicants. Any advise for new nursing students? Anything I should study before starting the program?... Read More

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    What I wish I had known BEFORE starting my LPN program:

    1) Nutrition WILL come back to haunt you... know it, and know it well.

    2) Stay out of the drama

    3) Get on the good side of your professors.

    4) Study from the beginning, and don't let yourself move on to a new concept until you REALLY grasp the first concept. It's like a lego tower... each concept builds on each other. You must get the first concept to truly understand the second.

    5) Don't freak out about your first check off (usually vitals). You have my unconditional guarantee... in one year when you're graduating you WILL look back at yourself and laugh. Piece of cake.

    6) Nursing is ADDICTING. You will love it and want more of it... you will want ALL of the good experiences... you will want to see and hear and touch and experience everything that it has to offer.

    Before I was done with my first semester of my LPN program, I just knew that I had no choice but to go on for my Bachelors and eventually my Masters. It is such a passionate profession... I don't think you can help but love it.

    Best wishes with your new endeavor.


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    30 out of 150?? Mine was 44 out of 234!! But I still got in!! Best of luck to everyone!! I start the LPN program August 18th at JCJC in Ellisville,MS.
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    " stay out of all the drama (trust me there will be drama)"

    there was alot of drama at my school :/ the majority of students are older-that obviously doesnt mean anything at times I got flashbacks of high is my advice to you:
    stay organized,dont cram at the last minute, stay positive there was times when I would have my own mini breakdowns because I didnt think I would make it through,we all have those moments.I promise you the sacrifices you will make-which will be alot-will be worth it. Good luck to you!

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