So, if my school has a 95% NCLEX pass rate

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    does that mean its a pretty good program?

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    I would think so.
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    I know it kind of sounded like a no-brainer, huh?
    I just didn't know if it was an average or a great pass rate,
    maybe a great pass rate is 98%. Even so 95% would still be good.
    Okay, so that's not the most brilliant question I've ever asked

    I'm tired and stressed, maybe I should just go to bed and stop thinking
    about nursing school for a few hours......
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    The school i attended had a 98% PASS rate...It was a very good program we started with 55 and 38 ended up graduating.. So far only 4 people have passed there boards that i know of... i got Aug. 2nd cant wait

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