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Well, That's funny, but i failed. Computer stopped on 85 questions, 85-95 grades in school, tones of studying before exam... I can tell the thing - there is something strong in ourself. Actually I am... Read More

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    Hi blondiii. I am from Belarus - this is very western country from former Soviet Union.
    Thanks for your good words. What is interesting I am going to get Illinois license. So probably we will work together sometimes.
    And here is my advice: It's not bad to join to the studying groop, but sometimes it can become the waste of time. (At least it was in my case). You never know the level of understanding the subject of everybody. Try to understand everything at first. Try to get deep into the ideas, physiology and ethiology of disease, then try to imagine the possible ways of trating the patient and idea of getting risk from adverse effects of meds or condition.... Try to play a doctor (even on our level) with your abstract patient. It was my big mistake when I studied this stupid questions for the school tests and didn't use my own imagination about every disease. Plus meds... I have an idea about making something like helping system for the students about how to study. So feel free to ask me any questions.
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    It is fantastic that you have come so far in your studies, Jascraft. I am going to apply that advice of yours. Yes, many times TOO much concern with spitting back memorized information gets in the way of THINKING, about the big picture. Like I noticed when I try to push in too much information in too short a time, my short term memory rebels and starts mixing things up, forgetting, and the information gets lost. These will be life and death situations. This may sound elementary, but the main things so far that have sunk in with me are:
    1. Not killing the patient with some stupid thoughtless move (like the wrong bed position, call light nearby, not falling....)
    2. Standard precautions
    3. Distracting the patient from his/her discomfort by making them feel relaxed and smiling
    Vital signs etc.
    Welcome to Illinois!
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    Part of the trick to passing the NCLEX is to know how to take the test. In the front of the NCLEX-PN by Saunders second edition, there is a guide on how to eliminate the wrong answers in a question, which helps you to know the right answer. Knowing the HOW of testing makes it so much easier. Good luck and keep up the positive attitude!
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    I agree with you and this is great that you have this ideas. Just don't dissapear - I think it would be interesting to exchange any information about nursing. :-)
    I hope to see you in Illinois. What city do you live?
    If you mind you can send me the private message
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    You are right. I just bought this book - it's amazing
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    Hi. I meant to send you a pm, but it came out here instead. I will try again.
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    how much does it cost to take the lvn sate board test in california,that's where i live.also if i fail the test i have to pay again huh?
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    First af all it doesn't matter where do you take the test and for wich state. NCLEX is nationwide company and the price is the same around the states 200$.

    If you failed - 200$ again - this is the price for your exam.
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    Actually, I am about to take the NCLEX and the Pearson website advises that if you fail the second test is $125 - not $200.
    Lu Ann in Phoenix
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    I would love to pay less, but they told me by phone about 200.
    Can you give me the exat page address about this price?

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