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Roll Call: Starting Sp 2013 LPN - page 5

So I start LPN school Feb 2013. I'm in an 18 month evening program set to complete Fall 2014. I'm nervous and overjoyed at the same time. This is a second career for me, but I feel like I did... Read More

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    Hello I'm starting my LVN program at the end of Jan , veeery excited, yesterady I passed my entrance test ;D
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    Quote from akulahawk
    I'm about 90% certain that I'll be starting an LVN program this January. I will most likely be done this coming December. There's some things I need to still iron out, but it looks like this is the path I'm going to have to take to reach my ultimate goal of BSN.
    As it turns out, I got a seat in an RN program so I won't be starting the LVN program. Had I not gotten that seat, I would have started the LVN program. I got the call, quite literally, about 18 hours before I was to deliver my acceptance letter stating I would begin the LVN program. I was very much ready to start the LVN program and got a big surprise.
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    Hello how many points did you have when you got accepted to TTC?
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    hey RMA2PN ..i plan on applying for lpn at Albany Technical for Summer could you pls give some info about their program?