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Evening 2 You! I just wanted to share my excitement for starting my LPN program in January here in Chicago. Please check in with your city and school name. Hopefully we all can keep in touch either... Read More

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    Hi Tweetie,

    I begin Galen College in January here in Louisville, KY. Let me know if you need any books because we had the same book list but they recently changed our books after i had ordered them all. Anyway, I have all the books for the evening LPN/LVN class. Congrats!

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    Hey, from Michigan, moved to VA last fall to start 18 month Lpn program...will be done first week in April 2012...Graduate and take state boards at the end of April...Good Luck and God bless us all.
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    * Good Luck to all of you! * I recently just graduated from my LPN program here in Virginia - my best advice to you guys is STUDY and if the instructors mention anything : like my instructors used to say: you might want to remember this, write this down. make sure that you write it down! Alos there are some excellent books out there- they helped me to get through medsurge =) And if your book comes with a workbook- utilize it! I think that helped me so much during medsurge and ob nursing! =) Also purchase an NCLEX book -I like Saunders and at my school we used Kaplan- it will help you gear up for the NCLEX early ( unlike me , who takes it the 27th and is starting to study now.) If you guys have any questions please do not hesitate to email me =) * Remember YOU can do it!*
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    Hopefully I will be started in the program in august in Tennessee. Good lucky to everybody!!
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    Quote from Kaligirl02
    OMG! You still dont know? Are you getting good vibes? I would be dying ( which Im sure you are) if I didnt find out about getting into school until four days prior. I really hope you get in. I start school on the 4th but Im going to try and come on and see if you made it. I hope you do a brand new post ranting and raving about getting in. This month has been dragging on FOREVER!! Ugh! I know you feel it more than I do.
    No, it's insane isn't it!? I can't believe they do it this way at my community college! I actually just found out that we will not get a phone call until this Friday. I feel such an anxiety, I can't even explain it. My nerves have definitely been on edge from it all and my boyfriend has been paying the price! Haha! I hope and pray I get in. I do have good vibes, but trying to keep it on low key just in case. I wish you the best with the semester and beyond! I'll definitely be raving on here if I get in! Thank you!
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    Hi there,
    Im new to allnurses. Is there anyone who has attended Stanbridge College in Irvine ? Would like to get some information
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    Grrrrr!! Ok, so the admin lady just called (8:50 at night) and said that she doesn't know if my nutrition will be accepted.... School starts on Wednesday!!M I'm like, I have had all my stuff turned in since August, I already paid my tuition, went down to part time at my job!! I hate being in a two bit town! So I have to print off the syllabus from my old school and bring it in so they can make sure it's the same as the college out here. It is, I'm not worried at all about it, but come on!! My program is a 1+1, 8 students a year after taking the lpn program with them, goes on to the University to the ADN program. I'm just sure they want to make sure the transition wold be smooth? Idk. I'm annoyed.
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    Just got the call! I got in! I am shaking like a leaf! I saw the school's number pop up on my phone and about had a heart attack! I am so excited, but the nerves have started!
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    Congrats!!!!!! Yahoooooooo!!!!
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    Congrats! I hope your first day went well!

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