REALLY would like to go to school to become an LPN. Is it possible at my age? I am 37 - page 4

hello, i need some advice. i am your average housewife..ive been married 20 years and i have 7 children. i have worked as a cna/chha off and on for about 14 years now. i stopped working when i had... Read More

  1. by   shawn flanagan
    I say go for it just be sure to have the time to study there is a lot of information to retain and it is tough the first few months until clinical's start(its not easy then just not as much book work)im 43 and im just a month into lpn school and im loving it.if you haven't been to school in a long time it is a good idea to take the study class for the tabe(my school offered it for 30 dollars and it helped me with the math part especially),and study hard for the tease(different areas have their own test I would think but these were the ones I had to take)the higher you score on the tease the better your chances are for admittance to school, it is a very competitive vocation(there were only 16 spots in the night class I got into and there were 60 people going out for it. Good luck and remember your not to old you just have to want it bad enough
  2. by   shawn flanagan
    Quote from lakergurl247
    Hi! Im 47 and start LVN in January 2013!! This is a second career for me. Im a retired peace officer. Ive always wanted to be a nurse, but of course life happened. I got married and had three kids. I have 2 grown and the youngest is 16 and a junior in high school. I finally feel like I can handle the Nursing load. I will be attending with my only daughter, she's 23. This is just the beginning of my nursing career. I plan to continue my education to get my BSN. Your never to old to learn. Older students bring a lot of life lessons with them to school. Stay focused and go for it!! Good luck!
    that is very cool your going to be in school with your daughter great bond time and a study partner is always nice.
  3. by   newtonurse
    Do it! I went for my GED Feb of 2011, without any formal adult education...I was actually turned away by the courses the library offered because I aced their pretests. I was in the top 10% on my GED scores! I'm 33, with my spouse for 20 years as well and have 7 children, 6 with me and 1 in Heaven - she had HLHS, Coarctation of the aorta and multple post surgery complications. My angel guided me into nursing, just as your son has guided you. Go and follow your heart! Much luck!
  4. by   FutureNeoNursing
    No matter what age you decide to go back,You can do it!! Look for some ged prep classes in your city and freshen up your math skills,Im sure you will ace that test with flying colors!! As long as you stay determined in your journey into nursing you will come out on top and your kids will be so proud of u Keep us posted! God Bless
  5. by   student forever
    Well, I am 60 and waiting for the call to get in. I went back to college at 40 to finish my bachelors degree and felt much more keenly then that I might be too old. Now, at 60 I don't give it much thought.

    The other day my daughter, who is in college, texted me that it just dawned on her that we are both in college at the same time and she was thrilled by that. I reminded her that I have been in college at 20, 40, 60 and if possible I might be back at 80 and attending concurrently with my grandchildren! She loved that!

    So, if beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, education is in the mind of the thinker!