Reading strategies

  1. Hi everyone- I am wondering if there is a way to read and actually remember the info. Most of the time I find myself not retaining much. Does anyone have a special way of reading so you can remember what you've read?
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  3. by   alyssakp111
    Maybe taking notes as you go, or hi lighting. I usually have to re-read things a few times to get it.
  4. by   bvouge
    I read section by section and ask myself, did I understand what I just read. Then that same section, I write notes in my own words about what I read and any bold words and definitions that were in the section. Then I continue on to the next section and repeat. Oh I also find that reading out loud helps retain and understand better. I know that's a lot but learning 2 chapters a week, you need to remember everything. That is what works for me. I also record the lectures in class. When I take notes in class, I really only write the words or whatever my teacher stresses. Then I go and make sure i know it word for word. Not writing in class helps me understand what she's lecturing about. I hope this helps.
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  5. by   Philly_LPN_Girl
    I highlight my book and sum up each paragraph after reading.
  6. by   vintagemother
    I used to read while walking on the treadmill-- it seemed that keeping my body moving also helped my mind stay alert.

    Read before bed so your mind can process and store the info while you sleep.

    The posters above have mentioned good strategies, also. SELECTIVE highlighting is good. Don't highlight the whole paragraph or whole page, just the key term or idea.

    Sum up the chapter in your own words. Or make an outline, concept map or graphic depicting the ideas of each chapter or section.

    Learn the definitions at the front of the chapter first, before you read.

    Explain what you read to someone else--like your kid, your dog, your study buddy or the wall.

    Turn all of the main ideas of the reading into flash cards, such as: definitions, explain this procedure or 3 principles of ethics, etc.