Prerequisites for the LVN Program are the same as the LVN-RN program?

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    Hello all,

    I wanted to get some answers from all of you nurses that became LVN before and RN. I'm am going to go through the LVN program at my Community College. I don't want to jump into the nursing field by becoming an RN right away. I looked up the program that I would take after becoming an LVN(LVN-RN program). I noticed that the prerequisites for that program are the same. So my question to you is would I have to retake all of the same prerequisites to get into the LVN-RN program(English 1A, Anatomy and Physiology, Microbiology ect). Also would I have to retake the TEAS test also?

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    Are you taking the LVN-RN program at the same school? If so I would think they would transfer. If not, you will need to contact that school to see what will transfer in. I have taken all BS level classes at my community level college and they will all transfer to any UW system.The 100 level classes will not transfer anywhere.
    Hope this helps.I am starting my program in a few weeks! I plan on doing the LPN-Rn program too.
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    the programs I have looked into let you test out of some of the rn level coursework but I believe pre reqs are the same.

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