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  1. 0 Hey, I am starting pharmacology, and Fundamentals 2, I just want to see if anyone recommends good book for pharmacology, this is for an LPN class... and also, if any good review NCLEX books, so i can start reviewing, or any hesi review books.
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    I have heard the pearson NCLEX is very good. Also I think you can go on their website and do some practice test, there is a fee.
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    I highly recommend Dosage Calculations Made Incredibly Easy for the math, and Nursing Pharmacology Made Incredibly Easy for the drugs. This series is amazing, and was helpful for both my LPN and RN pharmacology classes. These books run about $30-$40 each. Good luck!
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    Thanks guys....
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    @ luixbeauty did you graduate from lpn school or you are currently enrolled...?
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    I am enrolled in an LVN program.