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passes my cnet lpn entrance exam, whats next?? - page 2

hey, so i passed my cnet entrance exam and i am scheduled to take another exam. The letter says the tea and the tabe, but i heard i am only taking the tabe from a friend. anyone knows??? please help!... Read More

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    Congrats! I will begin in September at Goldwater. Best of luck.
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    I'm still waiting to interview with HHC next month for the scholarship. If anyone has interviewed with HHC can you tell me if the interview is difficult? I've been practicing going over what they may ask me.
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    Hi I'm new and I wanted to know where can I get help ?? I need help with the c-net entrance exam
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    im taking the p-nat january 25th! does anyone know what is on the test? ive been waiting for my practice tests to come in the mail and i havent gotten them yet. i really wanna get a head start at studying and brush up on my math and vocab. is there anything similar online that i can practice with for the time being?
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    @dianat I haven't taken it yet but most people say to use a GED practice book or any nursing school entrance book I also downloaded apps on my phone for teas
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    @Dianat i have the practice book, basically basic math, ratios, fractions, divisions, also reading and language arts. I have a question, have you received a letter from cnet? like your test permit or anything? I haven't yet and it's been more than 3 weeks since I rescheduled mine for the same reason (not receiving the testing permit) was just wondering if it's just happening with me or anybody else..
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    Hello all,

    I took the cnet and teas test for the lpn program recently. Although i failed the language portion of the cnet by a few points, they allowed me to take the teas test. I passed the teas test and completed the package for the program. They said i should know of my acceptance in June . I just want to know what are my chances of getting into this program?