Part Time Lvn Program In Sacramento???

  1. I am going to be giving birth to my daughter in May. I want to get us our own apartment which means ill have to continue working full time but i dont want to wait for nursing school any longer. Twin Rivers had a part time lvn program that was 23 months long and it was only a few nights a week which would have been perfect but they got rid of the program and cancelled the program they were suppose to start in August! Does anybody know of any other part time lvn programs in or near sacramento that are only a few nights a week??? Sutter one stop has an lvn program all the way in yuba city that is part time but its monday through friday from 5-9pm 18 months long and doesnt start till july 2014. working monday through friday from 7-3pm and then traveling an hour away to go to school monday through friday from 5-9pm with a new baby is not going to work! does anyone have any ideas?! please im desperate! I cant quit my job to go to school because i wont be able to get unemployment either.
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  3. by   vintagemother
    Kaplan College (nr Twin Rivers) has a full time night/ evening LVN program-it's 12 months. Charles Jones is FT but only 10 months long. Sorry, but that's all I know in the area. If you work as a CNA for 5 yrs, you can challenge the boards to earn your LVN--if you have enough experience.

  4. by   cutiep7
    I think Intercoast. Their classes are only 3 days a week and they have night classes too, but I'm not sure if they have one in Sac, i go to the one in Fairfield.
  5. by   p0ptart
    Thank you!
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    thank you so much cutiep7. I called and set up an interview, can you tell me a little more info about it before i go. Do you go during the day or at night? is it for sure only 3 days a week? how long is the entire program? do you know what time the night classes start? how is the overall program in ur opinion? how much does it cost and do they offer finacial aid? do they accept the G.I. Bill?
  7. by   cutiep7
    Sorry for the late response. Yes for sure only 3 days I go Mon-Wed 6:30-3:00. I'm not sure about the G.I bill. The program is 16 months I think. I have nothing bad to say about the program, it isn't as pretty as a lot of the other schools are, it's fairly new. it was 34K and yes they do offer FA.
  8. by   p0ptart
    thank you so much cutiep7! i went to the interview yesterday it sounds like a good program and they offer it at night and on the weekends too. ill wait until my daughter gets here before i make any decisions though. Thank you for the the information i would have never known about this school, and its perfect for my situation.