Orange County LVN Program

  1. Hi,
    I have been researching Orange County VN programs for over one year. At this point I feel stuck between Stanbridge College in Irvine, and CNI in Orange.
    I feel so overwhelmed by the tuition. My availability does not allow me to attend a community college or an ROP program; i work full time. So I would love to hear from students about these schools to help me on my way to making the best decision for my future.

    Thank you!
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  3. by   pnkgirl25
    I don't know if you are open to private schools but I was just at Summit College in Anaheim the other day taking my CNA test and I know they have an LVN program. I think they even have a part-time program. I would give them a call.

    Also, depending on where you are in Orange County, if Long Beach is not to far there is a school in Signal Hill called Preferred College of Nursing one of the LVN's at my CNA clinical rotations went there and said she enjoyed it. I looked into it but the next class did not start until May I think and I needed something sooner. They do have a part time program though.

    Casa Loma college also ave a campus in Anaheim. I know a lot of people who went there and they LOVED it and the price is affordable. They used to offer a part-time program but canceled it this year. I called them a few weeks ago and they said they are going to bring it back for next term. I met with them last year, took there test and was all set to sign up but at the last min changed my mind because their campus was WAY to far from me (Torrance) and I live in Whittier. With class starting at 7am I would of had to wake up at 4am to get there on time (After I dropped my daughter off at daycare).
  4. by   DaniLove
    Thank you for that. The reason why I chose Stanbridge is because of the atmosphere, but the posts I've read about the school are all old. I was hoping for input from newer students. CNI was my first choice because of their NCLEX passing rate.
    Both schools are in a fair distance from my home in N. OC, however they are really close to my work. I work full time, and can not afford to quit and work part time. Its not even an option for me.

    I want to be reassured that my decision is going to have the best outcome for me.