Nursing philosophy..?

  1. Before I start school on the 6th, I have some assignments to tackle.. one of them being a one sentence nursing philosophy. Two things: 1- I have no idea! Is this just what I believe I want to do with my nursing career shoved into a one-liner?? 2- Since this is in my Geriatrics book, should I be tackling my philosophy from that angle? Has anyone here had any difficulty with this or am I just over thinking (as I tend to do -- often) Thank you!
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  3. by   SNmurse
    I believe you are simply over thinking it (which can be a no no!), your Nursing Philosophy is what you believe in, my philosphy is;

    To always be compassionate and caring, to care for the over all being of my patient (physical and emotional needs) as well as being their advocate and speaking/standing up for them when the need arises.

    Everyone's is different, you'll figure it out!
  4. by   Juju102
    Did your figure your philosophy out immediately? Did it evolve or change over time?
  5. by   Lass5468
    You are overthinking it way too much.

    Go by what you feel and know about what a nurse should be like. They probably just want to see where everyone stands.

    You're starting nursing school so as of now, you have no clue what you're getting into until you're in it so obviously your view will evolve with time.

    This is not a make or break assignment. You will have bigger fish to fry soon.
  6. by   Kimynurse
    How would you want to be treated as a patient?

    I try and treat everyone like they are a family member, and try to care,teach, and advocate for my patients.

    My brothers say I should treat my patients better then family. Lol