New Grad LPN!

  1. 1 First off, congrats to all the other new grad LPN's out there! I graduated from my program today and registered for NCLEX-PN and for my nursing license. So, what do all you other new grad LPN's plan on doing with your LPN license? Where I go to school, the LPN is offered as a summer course in-between 1st and 2nd year RN courses so I plan to get my RN in less than a year. During my 2nd year of school, I hope to work PRN at a Dr's office or nursing home. (The trend in my area is for hospitals to not employ LPN's in acute care settings).

    Also, how long did it take for those of you who have already tested to get your ATT? I'm anxiously awaiting!
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    Congratulations! I graduated last night as well! I plan to work at a doctors office full-time, and go back to school for my RN, our school's program is separated. 1 program for LPN and 1 for RN, so I have the option to take a transition course, and then transition back into the RN program which is approximately 3 semesters. Not sure about the ATT # just paid for my NCLEX as well, again Congrats!
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    Although I graduated awhile ago just wanted to say CONGRATS. Keep everyone posted with your transition to becoming an RN because that's what I am currently doing. It seems like your school made it easier for all the LPNs to transition. With my school it was a separate process.
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    I graduated July 20, sent in my application to BON on July 25, got my ATT# on Aug.9, and I just made my appointment for the NCLEX for Aug. 19!!!
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    good luck
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    who else id taking nclex
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    it was easy

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