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    So i'm a new student in a LPN program and was wanting to see if anyone had any advice for me...

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    Stay organized, stay positive, take the word "fun" and "life" out of your vocab, read your ch the night before, do not fall behind, and STUDY YOUR NCLEX BOOK. If you are taking fundamentals, study fundamentals in the book they will help with your exams (well from my experience), stick with your class mates, and good luck
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    Everything Diva said. Study, study, study. Stay ahead of the curve and do not wait until the last minute to study for tests. Start preparing yourself from day one.

    Know your lab values and what they're used for

    I studied my NCLEX book as it corresponded with the subject matter in class, which helped alot! Especially the rationales for the answers.
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    Thank you for the advice...have either of you graduated yet?
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    Do not try to memorize everything! You will go crazy. Instead, learn to think critically. You have a patient that cannot breath, what do you do? Nursing school is a lot of information, especially technical, and they do not expect us to remember everything. The students in my class that seem to do well, myself included, have a lot of fluid intelligence, meaning we can think on our feet. Learn to correllate symptoms with interventions and you will do great.
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    Read ahead, take good notes, review your notes throughout your day, add notes to what your instructor speaks about often. Learn your labs. Learn how to connect the dots to what is going on with your pt. Be on time (at least 15 mins early). Don't be rude to the nurses on the floor, trust me they talk. Nursing is a small world, and word gets around. Pay attention to the small things going on with your pt. Don't over highlight your book. Get to the meat of what it says. Make flashcards, but only with pertinent information. Don't over study, break it into manageable blocks. Keep track of what you are getting on your tests. Just because they put it in the computer doesn't mean it is computed right. I had a 4.0 at the end of my LVN course and was the only one that graduated with honors from my course. Don't get caught up with the petty stuff. Treat others with respect and move on. YOU CAN DO IT!!!
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    Quote from dicksonk
    Thank you for the advice...have either of you graduated yet?
    I graduate this sept coming up I was trying to say study your nclex book according to subject I didnt write it right lol basically what pink rabbit said. Definitely know your lab values and good luck

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