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NCLEX-PN Study Material

  1. 1 Post all good study material for the NCLEX-PN that you find in this thread!

    Here's a great one that I found on the net:
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    I been check this one wonderfull.... but tooo big 197 pg. but it's really help full. thku
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    Oh, you're welcome. I know that it's big, but it summarizes a lot of info and if you start early enough it will really be helpful. I'm starting now and I don't start my actual LPN class until May 2010. I'm taking a pre-req right now.
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    #3 1 love love love this site!
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    Nursing Education Consultants, Inc. - Review Courses

    This is the link that the school gave us to use as a study guide

    Hope it helps.....
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    Thank you so much guys for the links, please keep sharing if anyone else have it!!!
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    You are welcome Cacna. I will keep posting material for everyone. I purchased a book today from Books A Million called "Dosage Calculation: an incredibly easy workout". It's awesome. I do not have the author handy right now, but you can easily look it up on Amazon and Ebay with the title that's provided.