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I see this question posted on allnurses all the time. The should I become an LVN/LPN first or go straight for RN? I'd like to give this question a home so to speak and my opinion based on my own personal experience and taking... Read More

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    I love this. This is exactly what I did!

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    I was thinking the same thing since I would already have a BA in sociology, I should just go for a BSN. It would take me about the same time to get an adn. The only proble I have is that the only college that have the BSN program for non nurses just got their permission to have the program back because of bad scores. They have just built a new nursing building and everything. They have a high rate for RN-BSN passing the NCLEX, but not for those who are going into nursing with a different undergrad. Personally, I don't know if I should trust the shool or not.What do you all think.
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    It depends on alot of things if they just got approval back quality may be at its highest since all eyes are on them. However they may employ the tactic of flushing people out to keep the grades high.

    You might not need the bsn. One of my instructors had a BA in acting then got a ADN. He was then able to go into a MSN program without the BSN.
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    Quote from tothepointeLVN
    You might not need the bsn. One of my instructors had a BA in acting then got a ADN. He was then able to go into a MSN program without the BSN.
    Agreed. In Ohio at least, the BSN is not required to get your MSN if you already have a bach in a different field and an ADN. A friend of mine is going directly into a MSN program.
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    My story? Started 4 yr BSN degree over 10 yrs ago before kids. Got pregnant during my sophomore year (oops, hubby and I had been married for 7yrs with no luck in the baby dept, LOL!). Became a stay at home mom and decided not to apply to the nursing program even though I had completed all my prereqs and support classes (with a 3.9 GPA) and was all set. Had another kid and life went on. Dream to be a nurse never really went away. Still want to be a nurse but don't want full time school or tons of student loans. I only want to go to school part time and only want to work part time until my kids are high school age or out of the house. There is a part time LPN program (22 months long) near my home with an excellent reputation and 95% pass rate on NCLEX-PN. There are at least 2 different LPN to BSN options that I could take someday once the kids are older. I love the geriatric population. So I'm heavily considering the LPN route first! :redpinkhe
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    Thanks for your replies, I myself is a single mother of three that needs to work sooner than later. Spending 4 years on a bachlor already has got me wanting to make some money now. I have great support so I could just go back to school for a BSN but the college I went to is 45 miniuts one way. I would love to go back to that college because it is a great school and the nursing program is strong. However, I have spent 2 years driving down a highway I am now tired of looking at.

    That school has less pre-reques since I went to school there everything transfers into the libral arts portion of the BSN program. A cruel fact is that the BSN program 20 miniuts away like I mention program was just reinstated, however, my social stats class won't transfer and i would still have to take College algebra not to mention they want 6 credits in foreign language. Graduating from that school would take me 5 years plus. This is why I'm leaning towards LPN to get experience and make a living then returning for my RN in a year. I was thinking about a ADN then a MPH? only time will tell. Thanks!
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    I think the reality is a lot of nurses get there in a less that direct manner. The things we do before getting to nursing makes us into nice rounded people.
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    I was just wondering how did your idea of becoming an LVN first turn out?
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    My story started out on the LPN/RPN route. I chose this in high school because I wanted to be a nurse but knew I could not get into university for RN with my GPA or afford the cost. I took the RPN/LPN route. I'm living on a decent wage of 21$/hr while paying back my loans and looking forward to getting my BSCN/Masters when I have enough saved up. Plus, I'll have the experience and hands on approach from working as an LPN/RPN prior
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    thanks for posting this! i'm about to start an LPN program that offers a bridge to an RN program after completion. I'm married but my husband's job doesn't pay enough for me to work part-time and pursue a regular RN degree. We have a 2-year-old daughter as well, so I'm motivated to get a good career that I can be good at, and nursing was the best choice for me. I know so many people that have done the regular 3-4 year RN programs and they're doing so well now that I was questioning whether the path I chose would work as well. But since I don't have time or financial leeway for a regular RN program I'm doing what you did and paying my way through a 1-year LPN program and then stepping up to an RN degree. Good to know that I'm not screwing up as long as I keep my head in the game!

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