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I see this question posted on allnurses all the time. The should I become an LVN/LPN first or go straight for RN? I'd like to give this question a home so to speak and my opinion based on my own... Read More

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    I think the reality is a lot of nurses get there in a less that direct manner. The things we do before getting to nursing makes us into nice rounded people.
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    I was just wondering how did your idea of becoming an LVN first turn out?
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    My story started out on the LPN/RPN route. I chose this in high school because I wanted to be a nurse but knew I could not get into university for RN with my GPA or afford the cost. I took the RPN/LPN route. I'm living on a decent wage of 21$/hr while paying back my loans and looking forward to getting my BSCN/Masters when I have enough saved up. Plus, I'll have the experience and hands on approach from working as an LPN/RPN prior
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    thanks for posting this! i'm about to start an LPN program that offers a bridge to an RN program after completion. I'm married but my husband's job doesn't pay enough for me to work part-time and pursue a regular RN degree. We have a 2-year-old daughter as well, so I'm motivated to get a good career that I can be good at, and nursing was the best choice for me. I know so many people that have done the regular 3-4 year RN programs and they're doing so well now that I was questioning whether the path I chose would work as well. But since I don't have time or financial leeway for a regular RN program I'm doing what you did and paying my way through a 1-year LPN program and then stepping up to an RN degree. Good to know that I'm not screwing up as long as I keep my head in the game!
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    DH works full time and I have a 3 yr old. We're living on one income. I'm a CNA but am a SAHM with our daughter. Hopefully I get accepted this year and graduate next year. After I graduate, my husband will be starting the police academy and he'll be at school full time and just me working. So we'll be swapping. :spin: That's why I need to be done in a year. When he gets done I'll probably not work again and do the bridge program.

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