My Personal Experiences Prior To Attending The LVN Program - page 2

First of all, I will provide a little background information to enable readers to paint a mental picture. I had been accepted to three regional state universities during my senior year of high... Read More

  1. by   c.kelly20
    Thanks for sharing. Through my entire first year of my RN program, I traveled about 45 miles one way to get to the campus. Granted, that's only half of your journey but I completely understand how 'tiring' just the driving part can make you! I've decided to live in the on-campus dorms for my final year, but that drive always felt worth it, no matter how irritating it was at 5am :-)
  2. by   Twinkle007
    Thx a lot for this story , it's especially uplifting for me because I'm an immigrant and trying to get my education in medical field which is not an easy thing to do for me (language barrier ,distance from my family and friends , finances etc) Anyways when I read stories like yours I always think if she/he could do it than I can do it too !
    I am very happy for you that you have managed to pass all "life obstacles" , and got your life on the right track.

    All the best

  3. by   DogWmn
    Another great article - Thanks. While I'm still an LPN will remain so, when I went to school it was in a very very rural central Oregon area and we had to go to the main campus for the theory classes and the clinicals were at 3 different hospitals located miles and miles away 80 mile round trips were the norm for most of us and it was not freeway driving it was 2 lane back country roads and during the winter on snow and ice. Funny I didn't think much about that aspect of my schooling until your article.

    Again, thanks for a wonderful article as usual.