Mulitiple response question

  1. 0 I am about 4 weeks into the 2nd quarter. There is a lot more work a lot faster so handling everything is kinda stressful but I am handling it. One thing I cannot get the hang of is multiple response question in my fundamental class, does anyone have a tips or suggestions on how to get better with answering those type of question??
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    What I can tell you first off is eliminate the choices you know are wrong. Second, with the remaining choices think if the outcome would be therapeutic for the patient. If it's a psychosocial question just remember the answer must focus on the patient, must be unbiased and must be honest without answering outside of your scope (e.g: like telling a patient their diagnoses before the doctor does, if the patient asks). The longer you're in school the content may get harder but answering the questions will get a little easier, as far as the process used to pick an answer. Hope this helps!! : ) good luck!!
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    Thank you so much, I am going to try that
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    Like the other person said, do the process of elimination and x out the choices of the answers that you know for sure isn't right for the question. I also used the nursing process (ADPIE) to help me as well to figure those out. Good luck

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