Moving Forward

  1. I am happy to annouce that I ll be starting LPN school on 1/6/2014......I'm super excited and scared at the same time. I will keep yyall posted on my progress
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  3. by   systoly
    congrats Buckeye, old Boomer fan here
    i know you'll do well in school
    but can you do something about those Bengals

    couldn't help but think about
    right now, bengals are playing ravens, Boomers
    college town and his sons cystic fibrosis
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  4. by   Moving Foward
    Sorry for getting back with you so late "Happy New" well Thank You, I'm just a little nervous cause now it's time to buckle down with those books ).....I already deleted my FB, and became a new member to all nurses website which I like a lot.....Well Those Bengals what can I say not really a fan of those guys, ( Never Have been. I'm a true Buckeye Fan ) Those Bengals just drives me crazy!!
  5. by   lillady04
    Congrats! I will be starting lpn school 1/6/14 as well!!!
  6. by   Moving Foward
    Thank You!! And Congrats to you!! I wish you the best!!
  7. by   jaylynn06
    Why did you delete your fb ? Just curious lol I don't think I could live without mine !! All my family is across the states so it's a great way for them to see pics of the kids and my family
  8. by   Moving Foward
    Well I wanted to focus more on school. And I know FB will NOT be talking about school like this I LOVE this website it's so informative about anything you need to know about nursing! And I was getting tired of FB! It was time for me to put my FACE n a BOOK!!! Lol
  9. by   jaylynn06
    Ahahahahah ! Yea I can understand that. It's ok though def not something you can spend hours on! I love this site too I'm pretty new just joined a week ago.
  10. by   Moving Foward
    Are you in school?
  11. by   jaylynn06
    Yes ....😊
  12. by   jaylynn06
    Figured now that I'm a momma and wife it was time to work on me ! I love nursing school it's my calling nothing grosses me out I love love the elder people Iv always connected to them well
  13. by   Moving Foward
    What college do you attend? If you don't mind me asking?
  14. by   Emily Cox
    I deleted my fb as well! It was really hard but I was sick of the drama and school comes first!