Med Surge 2 1st Exam!

  1. Took the 1st exam of the semester of my 8 week Med surge 2 class & im happy! Passed the Endocrine exam with an 88 woot woot! Considering the fact my day started out a little ruff by being stuck in stand still traffic for about 30mins that made me late to my 8am class! Stress level quickly went from a 1 to a 10 but when i finally got to class the teacher hadnt started the test yet because 2 other classmates were stuck in the same traffic(live 45 mins away from school). Took a few deep breathes, listened to sum music, said a quick prayer & started my test! It was a challenge studying all the hypo/hyperthyroidisms, parathyroidisms, pituitarisms, diabetes mellitus, SIADH, diabetes inspidius, cushings syndrome, addison's disease so on & so on BUT i did & it showed today! 2 of my answers i changed(DONT CHANGE YOUR ANSWER EVER UNLESS YOU KNOW ITS COMPLETELY WRONG). No time for break have to start my reading & studying for next thursdays test over the GI tract & no more class time between today & then(no class on friday or monday-holiday, clinicals tuesday & wednesday). gonna play my just dance 4 game before i start 4 about 30 mins so i can be excited
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  3. by   Compassion_x
    Yay! I have my first med-surg exam next Wednesday.
  4. by   MissKay912
    Yay! :-) I'm doing med-Surg right now. It's so painful! I love the body of but it's a lot of information. No cramming this stuff :-( You have to retain every single detail the first time & then read it 50x after that. So far I had three tests got 72 85 85 (75 passing) and I have one of the highest class averages. Everyone just started sinking. The questions get so intricate, because its not just facts its a lot more critical thinking and problem solving. Your 88 is like 100..this material is not easy. Keep up the good work& enjoy Just Dance!!!
  5. by   Still Standing
    Congratulations, our first Module exams are on Tuesday I will let you all know how it goes. Had our first day on the floor today for clinical and it was wonderful! Good luck and keep us posted and God Bless!