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Med suge I passed w/an A!!!! - page 2

OMG! Im so overly excited i can just cry! Took my med surge I final made a 98 yes a 98 on it! Overall grade 91!!!!!! This is all the valadation i need! My God is AWESOME! i have studied my butt off... Read More

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    Woww congrats hun . I just started Med Surg Monday and I am studying for chapters on my own and doing my work book as well and the class is only 7 weeks hopefully I get an A as well I will be studying my NCLEX-PN book as well as doing my NCLEX-PN review cards.
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    Congratulations! I start Med-Surg January 2! An entire semester of only Med-Surg. I'm aiming to bust an A out too! I need a 92 to do it, 76 to pass. I'm going to pray on it. Congratulations again!