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  1. Hello everyone! I am a new LVN student I start on Monday July 22nd, 2013. I'm so excited! I am basically looking for some online study sites to help you study while I'm in school. Also I go to PCN (Preferred College of Nursing in Los Angeles, Ca) and I'm looking for reviews on this school. But yea if you know of any sites please let me know please!
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    My mom used to be the Director of Nursing at the PCN Van Nuys Campus. From what observed whenever I go with my mom to work, the staff are very friendly and helpful. Focus on the materials given by them and hesitate to ask!!! Good luck on your LVN journey! Read! Read! and more reading!!
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    Thank You!!! I really appreciate it!
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    Hello my fellow nursing students! I am currently preparing to start school next monday at PCNLA (preferred college of nursing los angeles) I am looking for anything to help me study and be the best nurse that I can be. If anyone has any great studying tips with flash cards and any great study guide based sites please let me know. I'm so excited! I hope I have everything I need. If u have the slightest clue of what all I will need please let me know. I am open to all advice and help. thank u.
  6. by   ashley.wilson, and if you google auscultation of lung sounds there are web sites you can listen to abnormal and normal lung and heart sounds these take practice to know what your hearing so it helps to be able to listen to them over and over
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    thank you sooo much! this helps me a lot Ashley. i really appreciate it!
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    If you have a cell phone, you could always download lpn free nclex apps to answer questions nclex style with rationales. Good Luck
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    thank u !!! that makes a lot of sense
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    You can also visit and
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    I will be finishing my 15 month program in two weeks ^_^ So here's a couple things that helped along the way :]

    1. Micromedex App - its a virtual drug book and automatically updates itself every time you open it! It has more easy to understand information than most drug books and has cool things like patient education and special considerations. Best of all it's free!

    2. Amazon - Get as many LVN type books as possible. You can sometimes find textbooks for $4! Just scope around and read reviews. Also don't be afraid of used books! Every little bit helps!

    3. Youtube/Google - Of course you cant believe everything you read on the internet but it can be a great source of information and advice from real nurses which is so amazing (think how much harder nursing school was for the last generation!). Also youtube videos are a great way to switch up the normal read - learn idea. I've heard that if you hear information 3 separate times 3 different ways it will help commit the information to long term memory vs short term (which helps for finals!).

    4. Take NCLEX questions all throughout school. Not just before a final or your exit exam. The cool thing about nclex style questions is that if you pay careful attention to the wording of the questions you can pick up ques of the real underlying question and use common sense to get most answers correct! There's a lot of books available that are simply about test taking strategy's and they may seem dull but they help a lot.

    5. Get comfortable with dosage calculations, drop factor problems and converting mg->g, mcg->mg, pounds -> kg , etc. These will be the majority of your math questions (at least in my experience), and once you find a way that works for you and you're comfortable then you'll be able to always get them right (they aren't that hard!) and be confident when taking an exam.

    That's the best five things I can think of. Hope it helped some! Good luck in school! Stay positive, you can do it!