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......its last semester...i am going out of my mind. dishes are dirty, laundry is behind..........kids driving me nuts, fiance wanna punch him....will these feelings ever go away???? i feel like i am going off the deep... Read More

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    I was fortunate enough that my child wasnt born till two days before graduation. She was born 12/13/00. She is the most prettiest girl in the world. I lived with her mother up till 04-03. I'm am struggling with raising a child with a woman that has never really wanted to be a parent. The only time she has ever really truely wanted them is around Income Tax time. We never got along due to her 12 and 13 yr old boys. One is in a bootcamp and the 12 year is a total ***. Mother has never disciplined her children at all they cuss at her, gradmother, aunts, uncle etc. They have even hit, kicked etc mother. They are truely disrespectful.

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    I'll be starting my RN classes at Excellsior, and so begins round two. I just finished making out a job chart for everyone. It looks doeable. I've listened to everyones advice here and wil add it to my arsenol. I already cook ahead. But, now when I come home from work at 7am I will do a load of laundry, make lunches and start dinner, do 10 mins of paperwork - house related, and then begin my homework. I have 1 1/2 hours before my dtr heads off to school. Then it's off to bed for a good sleep. Up at 4. Dinner has been pre-started, so I just finish it, welcome my highschooler and my college kid home. We do a little housework and eat. I plan on a little down time with the kids when they are around. I'm a single mom, so the buck has always stopped with me. I dont think housework is that big of a deal anyway if you just get down and dirty and do it. I waste a lot of time trying to put it off. The actual work doesn't take all that long.

    I plan on a little TV before work, our house by my law gets quite at 8pm. Things start to wind down by a purposable plan. This way I know things will be ready to start up at 7am again the next. day. I know my kids are still awake and kicking when I leave at 9:30, but they are responsible enough to know I can monitor the living room by internet and can retract electronic privilidges the next day if they are goofing off too late.

    So, a little added stress, a little added homework. We are a big happy family, the more the merrier. We can handle it.

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