LPN starting salary for new grads Columbia, SC

  1. 1 Hi, I'm going for my ADN at Midlands tech in Columbia, SC and we have the option to sit for LPN license by the end of the 3rd semester, so I was wondering what are the starting wages for new grads with no relative experience if I decide to get a job while finishing my last 2 semesters. Is the pay different in hospitals and nursing homes? Which is better to start a nursing career? In hospitals how much autonomy LPNs have? Do employers work with your schedule? Do they acknowledge your academic progress when you become an RN? Is the transit inion systemic or they give you award time.I realize it's a lot of questions and anybody who can answer any of these or just join the conversation will be appreciated.
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    I'm in the Upstate of SC, not the Midlands, but from what I've seen, LPNs start at around $14-16/hr. The hospitals here no longer hire LPNs. They are hired almost exclusively by nursing homes and doctor's offices. The amount of autonomy and scheduling flexibility probably varies greatly by facility.
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    Hi im in Charleston and i no LPNs to make around 16 to 20 dollars an hour
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    That's about the same as columbia as far as I heard. I do have a friend that works at a Nursing home and she was hired fresh out LPn school making 21.50 + $3 night differential
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    Long island NY
    20-25 an hour
    Low end dr office, higher end LTC
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    Anybody know about Hampton roads area? Virginia beach/Norfolk/chesapeake? And is it realistic to hope for a job in the hospital? Any info is appriciated.

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