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So I've been looking around at different LPN programs in my area, and unfortunately the community college route is a difficult route to get admitted into (Limited access and enrollment closed), so I was wondering what everyones... Read More

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    I haven't started yet but will be attending Ukiah Adult School.

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    Hi Glenna,

    Actually I didn't get into a bridge program. I applied for RN schools in the area and was accepted into MHCC RN program. Most of the bridge programs I talked to weren't a sure thing. I would have had to wait and see if a spot opened up (Walla Walla University and Chemeketa) after I had passed placement tests and paid fees. I didn't want to chance not getting into something this year. Plus this route I am admitted to OHSU for the BSN. Granted this wasn't how I envisioned the process for me to acquire an RN degree.....my goal when I was in LPN school was to bridge, but it just wasn't as easy as I thought it was going to be(or led to believe) due to all the OCNE schools getting rid of bridge programs. I think MHCC might have a bridge program someday... not sure. I just don't want to wait anymore...I want school to be done with some day!

    I have talked to many LPN to RN's in the community who have really enjoyed Lower Columbia community college. They do have an actual bridge program. Good luck in whatever you pursue!

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