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I was wandering if anyone had trouble getting a record of an MMR vaccine or positive titre. I had a vaccine in 1979 and my family doctor doesn't give the vaccine anymore and he doesn't do the positive titre test either. I... Read More

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    Apparently they didn't put anything in to our employment file about it. Um what if I had had a reaction or something. Plus they won't let employees look at their files anyway. I thought they had to send records to the state when were immunized. They didn't do that either. I loved reading Connies e-mail. I didn't get the sugar cube but I remember lining up for the measles vaccine in the school hallway. Hey it's true that having some of these illnesses as children or getting shots does wear off.
    My older brother had 3 smallpox vaccines and never got a scar (this was before oral vaccine) the doctor said it was because he had natural immunity. I have a scar but this doctor didn't want scars to show so he injected way up on left arm in back (near shoulder). He never imagined that women would wear the kind of clothing styles they do now. Any way young doctors always look on my arm for scar. My brother always catches flack from doctors. Well I suppose this is a history lesson for you young folks out there.

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    On those other shots we just had to give them an estimated date if we weren't sure... But the Tetanus and MMR and Hep B all had to be the most current....

    Toni.. I would just go get a Hep B titre pulled, it has to be cheaper than the series ..
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    I had to go get blood drawn for a titer. That cost enough that I should've been able to get 2 shots!

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