Lpn interview questions?

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    Hi there, I jut got my letter in the mail stating that I'm invited for an interview at Johnson county community college in ks. My question is, what are they going to ask you in the interview? Is there a way that I can prepare for it?

    Thanks guys))
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    Hi I have an interview at JCCC also. Would love to know what kind of questions to be prepared for!
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    1. Tell me about yourself? (very broad question)
    2. Why do you want to be a nurse?
    3. What is your definition of a "Good Nurse"?
    4. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
    5. What's your GPA?
    6. Do you have reliable transportation?
    7. Are you able to meet the physical requirements of the job?
    8. How long do you plan to study?
    9. What is your greatest accomplishment?
    10. Have you lost anyone close to you that had a terminal illness?
    Those are the BIG TEN that you require you to elaborate and go into detail. Other questions will basically be a yes or no like question 7.
    GOOD LUCK !!
    Make sure to give us an update!
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    Thank you so much. Alyse how long ago did you graduate?
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    I just started my LPN program in January, so I am a first semester student. I also had to go through the waiting then the interview process then more waiting. I am in a 12 month program; I will be graduating in December13. In my opinion, it is not as hard as a lot of people make it seem. But everyone is different ,and we all learn at a different pace. As long as I pay attention in class, ask questions when I don't understand something and take good notes, I never have to spend more than two hours studying each night. I just started clinicals which I think are a lot of fun because you get hands on experience. However,now that clinicals have started we only have class two days a week, so now I have a lot of things going on at one time.
    If you have any more questions feel free to ask!
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    Kina41 did you have your interview yet?
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    How was it? My interview (different school) is Monday the 29th. I am already trying to figure out what to wear and how to do my hair. I have read the schools very strict dress code, they have everything covered from hair style to finger nails, earrings, and make-up and will comply for the interview.
    Working on the answers to questions now too... I am very nervous.
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    I have a interview on May 1st as well. I'm somewhat nervous about it. Stressed out, have to relearn a&p in 12 days and I have my finals on the same day.

    As for they dress code. Yes it is SUPER strict. They judge you on everything, I'm not sure what to wear. I do have a dark charcoal suit, but I don't know if that is overkill? Should I just wear a dress shirt, slacks and a tie?

    I think I might just wear the suit, thread my eyebrows, shave and do my hair, take off my earrings and hope for the best.

    From what i've glimpsed over in the handbook; no fake nails or painted, no perfume or cologne, hair must be clean and neat, only clean and trim mustaches or beards, solid color hair.
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    Yes Harleyandme I had my interview. It was not near as bad as I worked myself up for. Did you interview yet?
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    Yes I had mine today. Not too bad, but there were two questions I think I could've done better. Did you get the question about how long it takes from Olathe to Jefferson City? I totally had to guess on that one.
    Now the waiting begins, hope that both of us made it in

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