Last Day of Clinical!

  1. 1 So overly excited that today is our last clinical day for this semester! We sent 4 weeks at the nursing home for fundamentals & the past 5 weeks at the hospital for Med surge 1 clinicals! Last exam tomorrow & final on next tuesday & CHRISTMAS BREAK HERE I COME! Woooohoooooo!
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    Althought it was 10 years ago, I remember how much we all needed that break. We took our Neuro exam the last day before the holiday and the average was like 70. We were all already on break in our minds! Recharge and enjoy the holiday break!
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    Lucky you! We also spent 4 weeks at a SNF, and the past 8 weeks in the hospital with 2 more weeks of class time and hospital clinicals to go til Christmas break! It's been a long semester. I cannot WAIT to have 17 days off!
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    Last Thursday was our last day of clinicals for this semester. I was so glad to get it over with. We only have 3 more actual class days and the 17th is our exam for the semester. I am so ready for a little time off for Christmas. I feel the same way you do. I'm just glad to have a little time off to catch up on sleep and some family time.
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    I'm lucky, the first semester in my program is/was pretty easy. I finished my 4 weeks of clinicals nov 5th, and had my last class on this past Thursday. My final exam was online too

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