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    Hello all nursing students/graduates & experienced nurses. I graduated from my LVN program in Aug. 09 & have already took & failed the NCLEX twice before. So Ive decided to take a step back and do CNA to get more into the atmosphere of nursing & to hopefully gain more experience. But my question is do I have to actually do CNA training/classes or is there some type of test I can take to become an CNA since I already have training for LVN?-Thank you for your feedback.
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    You should be able to challenge the exam since you're already a LPN. Most LPN's can take the CNA exam after their first semester or so. I'd contact the BON in your state though, just in case.
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    Yes, once you complete the first term of an LVN course, you can take the test for CNA. Here in California, which I assume you are since you said LVN although you could be from TX, the BON does not regulate CNA. Check the website for CNAs. The website is Aide / Technician so feel free to check it out.
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    I am frm CA & I found the info I need. Thank you both Julie19 & BlkQueen8!
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    In CA you need to get a form I think its 8613 filled out by your LVN school and submit it to the state, the CA Dept of Public Health will review it and send you a CDPH 99 form that allows you to challenge the CNA test.
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    Spectrabrite is it possible that you can give me the direct link for that form because I don't see it anywhere on the CDPH website. Thanks so much.
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    These 2 forms are needed I really got the form numb wrong!

    You need to have your live scan fingerprints submitted before the state will accept or look at your documents.

    Request for live scan form:

    This is a sample to reference when filling this out

    hen this form needs to be filled out by you and your LVN school and submitted with your transcripts:

    just went through this, feel free to ask if you need more info.
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    Ok yeah I did all of this but I didnt know my school had to fill the application paper out as well. "/ None of my former teachers work at the school I attended.
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    you need the director of the school or administrator to fill it out, and get a copy of your transcripts in a seal envelope. if the transcripts are not on school letterhead or on a sealed school envelope it will be denied.
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    Ok thank u so much for ur help.
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