Just Starting my LPN Program...

  1. I'm going to Middle Georgia Technical College this summer for their 1.5 year LPN Program. I am very excited, yet very nervous at the same time! My school has been on quarters for a very long time, and they are now transitioning to semesters for the fall. I am attending my last quarter this summer. It will also be my FIRST LPN-related coursework as well. I was previously going for teaching, but only did two quarters of that, before I decided Nursing was truly where I needed to be.

    With all of that being said, our last quarter coming up is just going to be 5 weeks. We're going to be learning in 5 weeks, what we would in 10 weeks. I'm going to be taking Fundamentals of English I and General Mathematics for those weeks. I'm not TOO worried about those, as much as what's coming up after.

    August 23rd will be my first semester! I'm going to be taking Psychology and Anatomy and Physiology, which is where my nervousness sorta comes in! I did really good in my Anatomy class in High School, I just hope my mind hasn't become too mushy. I've got to get my GPA up. I currently have a 2.83, but my advisor advised me to maintain all A's to stand out for the program after my PSB Exam, which I also have to take this coming semester!

    After that, once I get into the official part of the LPN Program, I'm going to be going full-time 7-3 on Mon-Fri - I'm currently working 32hr/weekly, but feel I'm going to be putting quite a bit on myself with 40 hours of school and 32 of work. I'm definitely wanting to focus on my schooling. I'm just hoping my workplace can cut me down to maybe 4-hour days or only 3 days a week.

    Mainly, I'm just looking for words of wisdom from those who have passed this part of the program. Any words of advisement? Anything would be helpful at this point. I'm very anxious and excited to start my semester! :redpinkhe

    My first step...I have a little tiny problem with needles, but I just gave my grandma her insulin shot, it was my very first time! I guess it's a little silly to be smiley over being successful with something so small! LMAO
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  3. by   Christine2009
    The classes you are about to take are a piece of cake compared to actual nursing program...I also work 30 hours a week and go to school full time and in the program I am maintaining a 4.0 GPA.

    Once you start the actual LVN program, there is a lot of studying envolved and I just study every spare minute I have. I have no social life to speak of and if I go to a family function, my books come with me.

    I think you should see how your work schedule is going to work out for you! If you are finding that you are unable to invest the needed studying time, then adjusting your hours at work is something you should do if possible.

    Best of luck to you in your journey
  4. by   jny84
    I'm also in the Practical Nursing program at MGTC, but I'm transferring to Middle Georgia College (in Cochran) this fall because the LPN Program at Middle GA Tech isn't accredited by the NLNAC. I don't think a lot of people know that either but if you want to go back to school to become an rn, a lot of schools won't accept your prior nursing if it's not accredited.
  5. by   Iridescent Orchid
    I became aware of that on the day I registered by my adviser, but she informed me of a different route that many of her students take and one she highly suggests is after we finish the program at MGT that we can get into a LPN-to-RN bridge program at ABAC located in Tifton that will just take 1 extra year to become a RN. She advised me to strive for the highest grades I could achieve in the meantime to stand out for the program to assure acceptance ASAP. You meet 1 day/week from 8AM to 11PM for one year. I'm sure that's not for everyone, but it's the path I choose to take since I did fall a bit behind due to switching my major with only one class that was eligible to transfer over to my LPN program.