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  1. School is going great so far 3 test & have scored high B's on each one with 3 more to go. BUT what i reaaaalllllyyyyyy cant stand are people who dont take responsibility for their own learning, moan & groan about the how hard the test are ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY HAVENT READ THE BOOK!!!

    OMG! Im in a class full of crybabies that want to be spoonfed verbatim & given the answer without doing the work!

    In our program the teacher test strictly from the book so if YOU DONT READ then ITS WRONG! There's this study group of about 6 & NOBODY in that group is making A's or B's, they have 1001 excuses: "thats too much to be reading", when i go home i am tired, oh "we are crammers" smh! They want to know what page, chart, paragraph, line, stanza, blah blah so it will be easier for them! Maybe im just weird & i'll be that & I know that im responsible for the content in my book wether the teacher talks about it or not! May not be on this test, but it may be on the final & im pretty sure ON THE NCLEX! Who are you going to blame for failing the nclex?

    The teacher & your school? NOPE blame yourself!

    Its like sending my child to school & they dont know how to spell their name, abc's & 123's! WHOSE FAULT IS THAT? MINE NOT THE TEACHER! I am my childs 1st teacher so therefore i cant get mad & take my child out that class because of sumthing I DIDNT DO DUH!

    There's a BIG DIFFERENCE when you've sacrificed a date nite watching tv, going out w/your friends to study & u make a "C" or "B" & maybe even an "f" thats understandable because you may have test anxiety BUT if you did all the above & didnt pick up your book & notes until the day before & the morning of the 9 chapter test & make a 56 its the teacher's fault because the test was hard. Instead of blaming the teacher, take a look at what you did to prepare yourself. Did you read? Did you use your resources? Did you do nclex style questions? How much time did you set aside to study? If u answered "NO or "I DIDNT" then u GET OUT WHAT YOU PUT IN!

    I dont know about anybodyelse BUT I KNOW AS FOR ME, nursing is serious, peoples lives will be in my hands & if they are willing to trust me to competently take care of them then im willing to take responsibility for my education & learning. The teacher puts down the foundation & its up to me to build the rest of this house by putting in the HARDWORK! Id rather work hard to get what i want that way when i do get it, i'll appreciate it & take care of it. Like my high school english teacher consistly said "YOU PLAY NOW U PAY LATER" been there, done that & PLAY TIME IS OVER!

    Advice, if your having trouble with your test, go to the teacher, sit down with them, & GO OVER IT! & please for the love of sweet baby jesus,hold yourself ACCOUNTABLE & RESPONSIBLE for your EDUCATION & LEARNING. Thats all
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  3. by   lyohnk
    Okay, now I am going to vent to you! I'm one of those people who studies very hard and has a very hard time memorizing and regurgitating. I love online classes, because I can REFERENCE. But in class tests, AGH! Very hard for me. I have been this way my whole life.

    I have to redo my first assessment over again. I sure hope the instructor or anybody else wasn't sitting there thinking I must not have studied because there is nothing that hurts more after studying so hard and not doing well than having people judge you when it comes more easily to them.

    So, I winced when I read your post, frankly. Most nursing students are diligent students or they would not be there in the first place. Maybe you are blessed with a better memory. Maybe things come easily to you.

    I want to be spoon fed, because even when I am, most of it misses my mouth and falls on the floor and I have to reread it again anyway.
  4. by   PRNketamine7
    You commit to memory very little of what you read. So, I personally much better when I read, and still have someone say it over and over. And then I go home and write notes over and over.
    Just because someone wants to know about something in particular does not mean they font study on their own.
    I understand what you're saying I think everyone has a few peers at the beginning of nursing school who want the work done for them. But don't judge and don't generalize.
  5. by   Mrsladysoul83
    Thanks for ur response & i wasnt referring to students like you, im talking about the one's that DONT READ OR STUDY all & want to be spoonfed all the info w/out doing the work everybody else does there's a BIG DIFFERENCE! As i stated in my post its understandable for those who put in the work & still dont make the perfect grade. I read my chapters 2 maybe 3 times because the 1st time i am speed reading & when i go back the 2nd time i see something that i missed while speed reading & the 3rd time is to make sure i understood what i read. Im not perfect & dont proclaim to be BUT at the same time i go above & beyond to make sure i understand what im reading.
  6. by   Mrsladysoul83
    @ esc_newnurse thanks for your response. As well im not talking about wanting to be spoonfed just 1 particular thing, im basing it off what i have seen the past 3 weeks. When the students tell the teacher that they cram a day before the test & when they get home they dont feel like reading is not judging or generalizing anybody its stating facts. Like i said you get out what you put in, if you put in nothing you get nothing.
  7. by   MrsCuoco
    So don't worry about those people. Just travel your own path and let them sink or swim.
  8. by   imjustme123
    Well I got an 85.8 on my pharmacology exam today. I am noticing that a lot of the questions are on the nursing process......you are just supposed to know how to think about these things even though we haven't been taught much of it yet. I am beginning to think that nursing school is going to be easier once we learn HOW to think. Because a lot of the test questions were not really addressed in the material. It was more of application.
  9. by   Mrsladysoul83
    Itsjustme123, thats awesome, keep up the good work!!! Learn HOW to think, WHY this does this, MASTER the nursing process(signs/symptoms, priority interventions 1st etc) you will be on TOP OF THE WORLD!
  10. by   pwiser69
    Well I can understand that some do study very hard and still have trouble as the other posters have said, I am in the boat with the OP.
    The majority of my class is doing ok head way above water but there are those that just want to tell you how hard, unfair, blah blah blah, this course is. I really do not know how they made it past all the pre-reqs and still are having trouble. One says oh I had to work this weekend and didnt have time to study or another my kids were being loud or whatever. And well I do understand these problems as I have both I cannot simply nod my head and say oh poor baby. After 3 tests there are already 4 classmates that are thinking about dropping out. I did try to give a pep talk to them but that will only happen a couple of times before I think you are a lost cause.
    And the final cherry on this little package is we have to pass a math exam @ 90%. When the instructors said that I swear half the class got punched in the gut. Everyone is outside on break saying this is impossible or calling a family member saying I cant do this. But if any of the would have bothered reading the entrence information prior to semester start it said plain as day you will need a 90% to advance, we suggest you brush up on Fractions, proportions and fractional analysis. Thats what I did and now there all can you show me how to do that. Umm no I study really hard and do math problems everynight to try and keep myself up there I do not have time to stay after class for 2 hours and show you how. Ugghhh
    Sorry for piggybacking just had to clear the old head a little.
  11. by   SushiJoe
    While I do see here you are comming from, it really would behoove you to not let these other students get to you. Ths is your education. You are paying good money to educate yourself. If others in your class are wasting this opportunity, it is on them. You would not be so frustrated with them if you didn't care about them and want them to succeed, but please do not let what they are lacking take away from your focus and drive to do well