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If you have been accepted into a LPN program, what was your adjusted individual score on the TEAS V?... Read More

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    76% I used the ATI manual and the science section was unreasonably difficult.

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    hello my overall was a 82% I used " The Complete Idiot's Guide to Nursing entrance Exams" 25 dollars at Barnes and Nobel. I start my program in august.
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    I got a 78. I almost cried, until they told me it was AMAZING and the school average is about 51. Then I was like...who is being admitted to become nurses? o.O

    It wasn't adjusted though. That was straight-up average or whatever for the whole test across the sections.

    My score was good enough that last fall, when I was admitted, I said, "No, I think I'm taking another route in life," only for them to offer me a seat again this fall...and I took it.
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    I got in and will start in September! {67.8}
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    71.2%...I started my program in May
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    I took the Hesi at my school and scored a 93%. It was very difficult and nerve-wracking. I honestly thought I failed. When I go to bridge over for my RN, I have to take the TEAS and I am pretty nervous about it.

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