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I love nursing but ....

  1. 0 I absolutely love learning and doing this , but i happen to be very squeamish this term were doing surgeries and gory stuff everyone says im crazy and picked the wrong career but i don't want something like that to hold me back from helping people and doing these things does it get easier ? Anybody else start off really squeamish and turn into a successful lpn?
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    most of your nursing practice will not be that graphic. so you can just slowly get used to the squeamish stuff!
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    As you said, you are learning about surgeries and graphic material THIS term. After the term is over you won't have to worry about it again until studying for the NCLEX. Then, after the NCLEX just don't go work in a surgical unit and you won't have to worry about that sort of thing again. I know it's hard, but fight through the surg unit..you can do it! Don't let one tiny obsticale ruin your nursing dreams. Good luck!
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    Thanks im just not real good with blood and gore but i really want to pursue this so I'm trying to put my fears aside !
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    You'll have to get used to it. And the best way to get used to it is keep watching it. Maybe you could watch some procedures that aren't so high on the gore level and bring yourself up. I used to be a little squeamish too but the more you have to watch the more it doesn't effect you.
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    Compassion_X is right. I feel the same way but I just think if I face it I will just get desensitized to it. I don't do the blood and guts either but I will just have to make it through my med Surg clinicals. Good luck!
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    You really do get used to it eventually. If you can concentrate on what you're doing or watching instead of on what you're looking at, it helps. Does that make any sense at all? Just shift the focus.