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I do not want to give up

  1. 0 I'm in my first semester of lpn classes and I'm 11 weeks pregnant. I do not want to give up but I only can miss up to 52 hours for the whole year. I have already missed 10.5 hours do to other reasons. So having this baby I know I'm going to miss the reason of them hours problem before I have the baby. Then I after I have the baby I'm might not have a baby sitter. My bf works crazy hours so he won't be able to watch the baby. I don't know what to do. I just need a lil advice.
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    Is it possible to voluntarily withdraw from the nursing program? You can ask to withdraw, and then restart when your personal issues are sorted out.

    Congratulations on the baby!
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    I going to talk to my advisor tomorrow about my options. Hopefully I can withdraw and take core classes for the RN program. I just pray everything works out. Thanks
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    In my program, I've seen ppl pregnant all the way up until the due date. Because where you stop, when you come back, you'll start where you left off. Good luck!
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    are you sure about missing 52 hours? my program allowed us to miss 12 and those had to be made up in the lab. it sounds like you have too much on your plate right now. hope it all works out !
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    Well it's 51 hours and you can not make them up. I'm going to stay with the program.