Hey 2010 LPN New Grads! Who's working????

  1. I'm currently in the middle of the LPN program at Rockland Boces in NY. I am just interested in finding out what my job search will be like. I hear horror stories of people not being able to find jobs after school and I want to know if this is true for most of us. I live in New York and I am interested in moving to Virginia Beach area so it would be especially great to hear from LPNs in those areas.

    Thank You lovely people
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  3. by   msvegaslpn
    Las vegas new lpn here....working at a local hospital here in the vegas valley......im on the imc floor and floot to the geropsych floor from time to time...i use to work here as a cna so i was appreciative when they gave me a nursing position....

    My salary:
    Cna 19.75
    lpn 28.75

    vegas pays their medical staff well...best wishes to all new grads.....
  4. by   amybear
    Hey there im in lpn school in richmond va... not quite va beach but close enough! I have been researching lpn jobs here because I graduate in about six months, your best bet is a physician's office or a long term care or rehab facility. Unfortunately hospitals don't hire many lpn's around here anyway. I am doing my clinical in one of the biggest hospitals in Richmond and I haven't seen one LPN : ( You can expect to make between $15 - $20 an hr for a new grad. Of course there are always exceptions to the norm. There may be some LPN's in the VA Beach area that work in hospitals and make 40-50K!!! I would LOVE to hear from any of those people to give me some hope LOL!!!

    Hello, and congrats on pursuing your LPN! I would like to ask exactly what nursing homes or agencies in Richmond, Virginia hire new grad lpns? I too, like Greg, live in NY and want to move to VA, but specifically Richmond. I'm currently in the process of endorsing my license from NY to Va, (which is a hassle because of my school's clinical hours ) but I'd love to know which LTC facilities you're speaking of?

    Also, @ Greg, did you make the move to VA Beach Yet, and if you did, did you have any trouble endorsing your license to the state of VA? Any information from anyone would be greatly appreciated!!!! Thanks in advance!!!
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  6. by   ArmstrongLPN
    Thank You guys for replying to my post:heartbeat
    Sorry I haven't been around for a while because I am still tied up in finishing my LPN course.

    @FANCYLEXLPN I havent made the move to VA yet. I have been doing some heavy research on jobs and housing in the area. I finish my program in June and I am praying to get my licence before the end of the summer because I want out of NY ASAP. If I run across any information that may be helpful to you I will gladly pass it on... thanks for replying